(compilation) no label - 2a03 mom ep

album: 2a03 mom ep
label: no label
release date: may 13, 2007
format: mp3
notes: i don't remember if the concept for this comp was started on the 2a03 or not, but puke7 was nice enough to host it on a battleofthebits.org subdomain. all songs were done in nintendo nsf format, but are now in mp3 format. the concept was moms, and it was released mother's day of 2007. you can download it right here, grrl.

01) lawrence power mothership
02) nonfinite winter breaks
03) eightecs off we go
04) agentflit switches by the sandbox
05) peter swimm peter swimm
06) captainmarmalade my mother is half zombie half mummy
07) baron knoxburry the cat who loved mom
08) dotdummy super diaper rash
09) otto tsr tjocka 8bitars mammor


live in phoenix september 28th, 2006

album: live in phoenix september 28th, 2006
label: milk_beep
release date: may 12th, 2007
format: cd
notes: recorded live at modified arts in phoenix, arizona. limited to 100, and individually numbered (unless you got it online p2p. if you did, you're even more badass, and should number your folder arbitrarily.) other people that played that night were sp00, terminal 11, and onward christian slater (or the thousands. whatever ki's name was at that time.)

01) the creepy intro
02) juggles and bugs
03) skeleton basket
04) the heart attack song
05) you
06) vylitioscopic
07) delicious glitter journey
08) the shuttle bus blues (vomit on your shoes)
09) filipino nurse (2001)
10) janitor closet heroin
11) candy and worms (destroyed my carpet)
12) phenylcyclohexylpiperidine
13) hawaii of course
14) jackie (the ending song) 
15) 1986 peepees and weewees
16) the legend of jack burton
17) the robot and unicorn festival
18) vernon the sparkle champion