(compilation) digital cloud records - firsts

album: firsts
label: digital cloud records
release date: november 6, 2007
format: cd
notes: this was a conceptual comp based on "firsts."

01) lady genius new york through york
02) the fits sign language
03) lamb (jpn) pechka
04) teamawesome! running away!
05) the who cares starting to care
06) captainmarmalade the first time i ever wore goggles
07) so futuristic first day of school
08) little naps je suis un petit lapin
09) land of ill earthquakes first dance
10) beep kitty our first winter
11) from major to minor heartbeats
12) snowblink the tired bees
13) messes i was right
14) kukka yorimichi
15) beatbeat whisper and suddenly apart was shared
16) megamoog bedroom rockstars
17) the tomatometers sunset 1.0