(compilation) gozombie records - gozombie growing compilation

album: gozombie growing compilation
label: gozombie records
release date: august 2008
format: mp3
notes: the tracklist may have changed by now because it is constantly getting longer (hence the comp title). you can download it for free here.

01) a smile for timbuctu fia la fia quand'รจ fia
02) alterior try to smile at least once a day
03) archetypewriter what time is it there (v2)
04) bagpipe whiskey bun aware
05) captainmarmalade delicious glitter journey
06) dr alloy driving home past midnight
07) edmond leprince vaudeville
08) fucksia i wanna die
09) ipaghost valse de chaton
10) iqtu cloud corner
11) jerohme spye today is still today
12) leoparden casio rapman
13) marc blanchard cephale
14) minusbaby depois de um galao no miramar
15) paddyuekums! hands that waved me goodbye
16) pear eyes frequent flier
17) pottsq job seekers acid
18) renegade android freeze (warm concept)
19) ryusuke ikeda nwo_130809
20) ryu karate grey rainy day
21) silencide feed the zombies
22) the flashbulb zeke acid
23) thiaz itch sol picante
24) tidy kid thrumpy (v1)
25) -+ [without additives] - zombie b∆ll∆de (tildedub)
26) yan_g marmalade garden