live at heathenworld in phoenix, az december 31st, 2009

the full song title is "trust was wasted on a chariot pulled by crickets," and it's a remix of persian mynx's song "trust was wasted." you can get it on the dirty skank remixes promo at persianmynx.com.


(compilation) sunwarped records - hurricane helicopter

album: hurricane helicopter
label: sunwarped records
release date: february 15, 2010
format: mp3/cdr
notes: i'm not sure how many were made, but this is was on cdr/sleeve for a bit. for now, you can grab it all up in here.

01) modem winter's debilitating grip
02) menagam water dumps
03) captainmarmalade two ghosts eating a pancake
04) exillon chapi chapo remix
05) shift tab dim lot
06) solypsis oil spill
07) not breathing ball hammerer dub
08) terminal 11 self exorcism