(compilation) datahex records - i bet you can't dance to this compilation

album: i bet you can't dance to this compilation
label: datahex records
release date: august 26, 2010
format: mp3
notes: mostly a drone/noise/breaks/etc comp with some chip. my track is a messy 2007 live improv of a previously released remix that i did for terminal 11. you can get (if not all) most datahex releases by searching archive.org for datahex. if they're not up, you should be able to get them from here.

01) bÂtard 666 beers
02) deluxe werewolf chainsaw hooker in zombie snot
03) gloga sweet girls
04) intergalactic wizard gravity bong
05) terminus b dragon's tongue
06) cooking with satan naked night
07) moralton eggtrade hiv test
08) army of 2600 pulsar express
09) captainmarmalade venereal intermix elm (live in phoenix 05.12.2007)
10) enbilulugugal an epic frostfucking
11) [p-r-z] go zx bleeper go!
12) panther modern satanspalace 2
13) i dreamt of her beautiful tentacles konspiratsia
14) disthroned agony malejickum
15) newclear waves nw01