(compilation) datahex records - ewww! what the fuck is this compilation

album: ewww! what the fuck is this compilation
label: datahex records
release date: august 25, 2011
format: mp3
notes: mostly a noise comp, so i'm the odd man out on this one. the sample at the beginning of track 2 is worth it alone if you remember the scene it was taken from. you can download the full comp here.

01) thee crumb malpractice
02) the uh... just leave the press pack with the doorman
03) eraritjaritjaka menarche
04) filthy turd comp
05) x ray bitch brain nude bypass by rude
06) apophallation computer club 2008
07) captainmarmalade r.j. macready acid
08) inappropriate king live space trees
09) nxfxtxex smug little fur hat
10) a night to dismember organ hex
11) jerk kerouac is it that time already
12) fatal position monster bait
13) makaka a bull for mariah
14) horrible mess feast of beast
15) botched facelift the spirit entrapped in matter part 2
16) art schnurple black star frost
17) knockdownboxes saved by the skin of my dark brown penis
18) xedh&niebla fascista burn
19) jane cutter vakuum porno
20) phoned nil trio smooth sailing
21) loopool whores of boredom
22) travis johnson rawhide pajamas
23) kim jong il s armored train kadum